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Journey Thru Creation

Journey Thru Creation
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About Us

Project CREATION exists as an educational and resource ministry to help Christians educate and empower themselves to oppose the humanist/ evolutionist establishment and philosophy.

Sean Meek, Executive Director of Project CREATION, travels nationally speaking on such topics as: Creation is the Foundation, The Curse of Compromise, Including Creation in the Curriculum and God's Revelation in Science and the Bible. Mr. Meek is available to speak at church services, Sunday school classes and other groups on the Biblical and scientific aspects of creation.

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation


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The best book on the basic issues involved in the Creation / evolution econtroversy. Excellent for homeschool or family study.


About the Author

Dennis Petersen, B.S., M.A. - Biographical Sketch Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California, Dennis Petersen has pursued his lifetime interests in nature, history and photography, both in school and professionally. After earning his science degree and working as an exhibit preparator in historical museums, he received his M.A. from the State University of New York in museum administration. He spent several years as a museum curator and then had an encounter with God that changed his whole purpose in life. In 1973 he was providentially led to attend a Canadian Bible college where he received three years of concentrated Biblical training. For four years he taught apologetics and Old Testament survey at that Bible Institute, and also developed a college course on science and the Bible. He ministered as a church pastor for five years before the Lord sovereignly led him to begin the Mysteries of Creation seminar ministry in 1984. Through seminars, publications, and media presentations, his keen desire is to realign this generation’s thinking to the life-giving Word of God: the Only Key to unlock the ultimate mysteries. Dennis Petersen

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, Revised and Expanded, Dennis Petersen

The popular family Creation classic has been vastly enlarged and upgraded for the new century. Page after fascinating page colorfully unfolds before your eyes as you tour creation with the insight of the Bible as your guide. Expose and dismantle evolutionary deceptions that have distorted our generation’s view of the seen world. The skepticism and unbelief, from those who disregard the divine authorship of the Bible, are refreshingly overturned through this God-honoring “mini-encyclopedia” of the Creator’s insight. By “considering the work of His hands,” parents and children encounter a vast wealth of evidences that confirm a confident faith in the Genesis account of creation. Every student in every school will be challenged to THINK! as he is guided by these insightful and lavishly illustrated chapters to “reason together” with God’s Word. Evolutionary myths are exposed and a rich Biblical foundation is laid as you explore mountains, planets, fossils, strange animals, dinosaurs, and the astonishing world of ancient civilizations. Used as basic curriculum by thousands of Christian home-school families. “When God was taken out of science and history studies, those subjects became boring to many students. This book puts God’s power and awesome orchestration into the equation and suddenly science and history come alive!”

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Changing the Form
How good is Very Good
Design or Fluke-PM
Is Life Getting Better
When was the Golden Age


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