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Project CREATION exists as an educational and resource ministry to help Christians educate and empower themselves to oppose the humanist/ evolutionist establishment and philosophy.

Sean Meek, Executive Director of Project CREATION, travels nationally speaking on such topics as: Creation is the Foundation, The Curse of Compromise, Including Creation in the Curriculum and God's Revelation in Science and the Bible. Mr. Meek is available to speak at church services, Sunday school classes and other groups on the Biblical and scientific aspects of creation.

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Dinosaurs: Fact VS. Imagination

Millions of years ago when dinosaurs ruled the earth is how evolutionists present dinosaurs in books and movies to the general public and there has been a high level interest in dinosaurs for well over 150 years. Hundreds of books and dozens of movies have been produced on this subject. These books and movies usually present the characteristics of dinosaurs as though the facts about them were established with absolute accuracy. The reality of dinosaurs is actually quite different.

What is really known about dinosaurs is limited to what has been found in the fossil record and that is actually very little.

The fossil record gives us a clear idea of the size and shape of dinosaurs, most of which were no bigger than a horse. Fossilized dinosaur skin has been found indicating that dinosaur skin was bumpy, much like lizard skin. Fossil footprints give some idea of their level of physical activity. A fossil of a four chambered dinosaur heart and unfossilized bones with blood cells still in them are convincing many paleontologists that dinosaurs were actually warm blooded. And that is all that is really known about dinosaurs.

One of the many things not known about dinosaurs is what color they were. The color of dinosaurs, or of anything else, does not fossilize. As an item undergoes the fossilization process, the minerals replace the organic material so that the color of the mineral becomes the color of the fossil.

Despite movies like Jurassic Park and Disney's Dinosaur , virtually nothing is known about dinosaur behavior. Imaginative writers and    artists not withstanding, it is not known if dinosaurs hunted in packs, if there was any of dinosaur family life, how fast they grew or if dinosaurs were ferocious killers. Groups of dinosaur tracks have beenfound, but that doesn't prove that the tracks were made at the same time. Dinosaurs did lay eggs in nests, but there is no real evidence that the mothers took care of the young after birth. And while some dinosaurs may have been hunters, almost all of the coprolite, fossil dinosaur dung, found is from plant eating dinosaurs, indicating that the vast majority of dinosaurs were plant and not meat eaters.

Imagination, not science, has become the driving force for most dinosaur storytelling today. For the overriding purpose of most dinosaur stories is not to teach the facts about dinosaurs, but rather to make money and spread the religion of evolution.

How this combination of imagination and desire to spread the religion of evolution can lead to absurdity is well illustrated in the nonsense regarding the "discovery" of a so-called "feathered dinosaur" named archaeoraptor. The story of archaeoraptor is an illustration of the desperation of many evolutionists to find any evidence for a supposed dinosaur to bird link. The archaeoraptor fossil from China was found at a rock show in Utah and claimed to be proof of dinosaur to bird evolution. Promoted extensively by National Geographic, it was later learned that the fossil was a fake. Someone in China had simply attached the fossil of a dinosaur tail to the fossil of a bird. But so desperate were the evolutionists for fame, money and "proof" of dinosaur to bird evolution, they didn't bother to check to see if the fossil was real or not.

The expression "seeing is believing" doesn't really apply to so many evolutionary dinosaur claims, because imagination and desperation, not science, has become the motivation for so many of the evolutionary claims about dinosaurs. 


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