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About Us

Project CREATION exists as an educational and resource ministry to help Christians educate and empower themselves to oppose the humanist/ evolutionist establishment and philosophy.

Sean Meek, Executive Director of Project CREATION, travels nationally speaking on such topics as: Creation is the Foundation, The Curse of Compromise, Including Creation in the Curriculum and God's Revelation in Science and the Bible. Mr. Meek is available to speak at church services, Sunday school classes and other groups on the Biblical and scientific aspects of creation.

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The Center of Godís Attention

The Universe is a big place, but how big is it? Evolutionists that have faith in the Big Bang story would say that it is infinite with no center and no boundary, but the actual evidence from astronomy tells a very different story. The study of light from distant galaxies has shown that galaxies are not randomly distributed throughout the Universe, but occur evenly distributed in ever expanding circles with the Milky Way, our galaxy, in the center. This discovery came as a shock to evolutionist astronomers, because the Big Bang requires that there be no center to the Universe, but the evidence does fit neatly into the Creation account. On days two and four of the Creation story in Genesis, the description of Godís creative actions strongly suggests that the Earth was in the center of the Universe as God stretchest out the heavens like a curtain Psalm 104:2. Even the description the description of Godís creation of the stars shows how secondary they are in His Creation, he made the stars also Genesis 1:16.

The Bible tells us in the Creation account, as well as throughout the Bible, that humans are at the center of Godís attention in all that He does in the Universe. The evidence that we are also physically in the center is simply further confirmation of this fact.


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