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Project CREATION exists as an educational and resource ministry to help Christians educate and empower themselves to oppose the humanist/ evolutionist establishment and philosophy.

Sean Meek, Executive Director of Project CREATION, travels nationally speaking on such topics as: Creation is the Foundation, The Curse of Compromise, Including Creation in the Curriculum and God's Revelation in Science and the Bible. Mr. Meek is available to speak at church services, Sunday school classes and other groups on the Biblical and scientific aspects of creation.

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Science and Technology

Even When They Don’t Mean To!

All truth is God’s truth. The reality of this is clearly, though unintentionally, revealed in an article in the March 2005 edition of Scientific American. In an article called “The Fossil Fallacy” the lack of any transitional, in-between, fossils showing evolutionary ancestry was declared unimportant. The author states that “We know evolution happened because of a convergence of evidence”. In other words there is no smoking gun, just a lot of smoke.

This kind of double-talk is common from evolutionists, but the more interesting part of the article is on the ancestry of dogs. Evolutionists admit that “the fossil record from wolves to dogs is pretty sparse”. Then how do evolutionists “know” that dogs evolved? In a November 22, 2002, Science, Jennifer A. Leonard reported that mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) data from early dog remains “strongly support the hypothesis that ancient American and Eurasian domestic dogs share a common origin from Old World gray wolves”. In another report molecular biologist Peter Savolainen noted that even though the fossil record is problematic, their study of mtDNA from 654 domestic dogs from around the world “points to an origin of the domestic dog in East Asia” from a single gene pool of wolves.

First of all what the DNA research is really showing is that canine DNA is capable of great variation. That of course is nothing new, dog breeders have been selectively breeding for specific traits for years, but that isn’t evolution. It is just an expression of the genetic variability that God put into the dog kind. The more interesting revelation though is the admission of dog ancestry from a single gene pool. Although evolutionists would hate the thought, their research actually supports the Genesis account. Except for the imaginary dates invented by evolutionists, true science tells us the same thing as Genesis, which says that a male and female of the dog kind got off the Ark and are the ancestral gene pool of all the dog varieties today. All truth is God’s truth, which is why more and more scientists are abandoning evolutionism and admitting the obvious, that the intelligent design in nature shows that there had to be Creator behind it all.


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