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Project CREATION exists as an educational and resource ministry to help Christians educate and empower themselves to oppose the humanist/ evolutionist establishment and philosophy.

Sean Meek, Executive Director of Project CREATION, travels nationally speaking on such topics as: Creation is the Foundation, The Curse of Compromise, Including Creation in the Curriculum and God's Revelation in Science and the Bible. Mr. Meek is available to speak at church services, Sunday school classes and other groups on the Biblical and scientific aspects of creation.

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Scientists prove evolution works!...on a computer

Date: January 17, 2005 

On the cover of the February 2005 issue of Discover magazine is the title “BREAKTHROUGH - Testing Darwin - Scientists at Michigan State PROVE EVOLUTION WORKS” printed across the photo of an ape. Someone seeing this cover might, and it is clearly intended that they should, believe that an experiment conducted at Michigan State University has proven some aspect of the evolutionist story. The facts are quite the contrary. The story is about how some computer scientists designed a program to work within specified bounds that was able to generate a random series of models, some of which fit into a series of predetermined places. All of that while the author of the article proclaims that “Avida (the name of the program) is not a simulation of evolution; it is an instance of it”. Pretending that a computer simulation of life is the same as life, the author claims that many of the problems of evolution have been solved. The author even takes a slam at Creationists when he writes “Countless creationists download Avida in hopes of finding a fatal flaw”. That’s not hard to do at all. The fatal flaw in this piece of nonsense is big enough to drive a truck thru. What is happening in this computer simulation is simply an example of an intelligently designed, although not all that intelligently interpreted, experiment. If this so-called testing of Darwinism were to have any merit, the computer and program would have had to design and build themselves.

The fundamental premise of evolutionism is that chaotic, unintelligent, mindless matter and energy can, in time, produce order, complexity, information and, ultimately, mind. It is only the desperation of evolutionists that allows them to fantasize that this exercise in computer programming proves anything about evolution, except that it could never happen. This farce is only the latest attempt to prove evolution, because every other attempt has failed. The only genuine large-scale attempt at proving evolution, work with fruit flies, has utterly failed to bring about the kind of changes demanded by evolution theory. The fossil record keeps letting them down, so evolutionists invented Punctuated Equilibrium, the theory that the no evidence of change is proof of evolution. Biological research, especially genetics, keeps finding greater amounts of information and complexity in living organisms leading ever increasing numbers of scientists to embrace intelligent design as the most logical explanation for life. Evolutionists cannot find evidence to support their storytelling in the real world, so they look to the fantasy world of computer simulation. Evolutionists will use this computer produced fantasy for a while to promote their religious dogma, but it will inevitably be replaced as more people see thru its absurdity. But not to worry, evolutionists are nothing if not imaginative, they will invent something else.


Whatever else happens, don’t allow critical thinking

Date: January 14, 2005 

In a January 13, 2005 ruling, a Federal judge ruled that a sticker in Cobb County public high school biology textbooks encouraging critical thinking on scientific issues and stating that evolution is a theory and not a fact was an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. Even though the stickers stated what evolutionists themselves say, that evolution is a theory, and that there is no mention of any religion, the mere fact that the religion of evolutionism is questioned was enough to raise the ire of the evolutionist establishment. The stickers read “This textbook contains material on evolution. Evolution is a theory, not a fact, regarding the origin of living things. This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully and critically considered.”

Since an open mind when considering evolutionism something that evolutionists abhor, this ruling by a Federal judge is not at all surprising. Evolutionists can’t win scientifically, more and more scientists are embracing intelligent design. They are losing the public relations war as more people are becoming increasingly outspoken in their opposition to the religion of evolutionism. The only way evolutionists can succeed is to use judicial and bureaucratic power to enforce a religious orthodoxy that is indefensible scientifically.

While this ruling will be embraced by evolutionists as a victory for science, it should really be seen as another nail in the coffin of evolutionism. The publicity surrounding the controversy highlights the hypocrisy of the evolutionists who will go to any lengths to eliminate any attempt to critically examine evolutionism. All around the country there is growing resistance to the indoctrination of the religion of evolutionism in taxpayer-supported public schools. The best answer to the judicial bias shown in this case is to continue to encourage a return to the teaching of true science in the public schools and educating public officials, especially judges, on the facts regarding evolutionism.


Dinosaur Planet - The triumph of imagination over science

Date: December 15, 2003 

On December 14, 2003, the Discovery Channel had another one of its cartoon festivals masquerading as science. The program, Dinosaur Planet, pretended to show how dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. Presenting an imaginary time scale of millions of years, based on the now thoroughly discredited radioisotope age testing, the program pretended to show life in the ancient world. While the program had imaginative animation and sound effects, almost everything in this program was make believe. There are four things that are known from the fossil record about dinosaurs; their size and shape, the mothers laid eggs and what they ate before the Flood. Taking these facts, along with the ancient art and stories about dinosaurs found around the world, and we still have only the sketchiest picture of dinosaur life. We don’t know the level of their intelligence, behavior, family life, color, sounds, etc. But you wouldn’t know that by watching this program. The Discovery Channel presented speculation as fact and by the use of clever animation, they pretended to know, what in fact is unknown.

In order to promote the nonsensical idea of dinosaurs evolving into birds, they had dinosaurs with feathers, even though no such thing has ever been found. They had dinosaurs hunting in packs, even though this behavior cannot be verified. They presented dinosaurs as carnivores, even though the fossil record shows that dinosaurs were almost entirely vegetarian before the Flood. They showed the dinosaurs in a variety of colors, even though color doesn’t fossilize. They had dinosaurs making sounds, even though such a thing cannot possibly be known. Personally, I enjoy science fiction, what I resent is when someone presents imagination and animation as science fact.  

This program, like so much on the Discovery Channel, is designed primarily as a proselytizing message for the religion of evolutionism. The primary purpose of evolutionist storytelling, whether on TV or elsewhere, is spreading the evolutionist message, not presenting true science.


Solar system similar to ours found . . . or has it been?

Date: July 07, 2003 

In a July 3rd story on MSNBC, a group of Australian astronomers claim to have found a solar system with a Jupiter-like planet in a Jupiter-like orbit around its star. As so often happens with science stories reported in the popular media, the headline is both overly simplistic and misleading in the information it gives to the public. It even included an illustration of what an artist thinks the planet may look like. The claim that this planet, or any extra-solar planet, has actually been "found" is fraudulent. As admitted further on in the article, is the fact that what has actually been found is a star that "wobbles" in its rotation. Astronomers interpret this wobbling of the star as evidence of a planet’s gravitational force causing the star to move back and forth in its rotation. This interpretation may be true, but then again it may not be. Many stars are binary, which is a star system where two stars orbit each other. In many binary systems moreover the second star is a dwarf star. What astronomers are interpreting as planets, may actually just be binary dwarfs, but since that wouldn’t help evolutionary astronomers in their story telling about possible extra-solar planets, this fact is seldom mentioned. What is happening with this solar system story is what happens so often today in science reporting, stories are slanted by both the scientists and reporters to promote the evolutionary agenda, regardless of what the facts actually are. Most of this story is in fact not about the planet that is claimed to have been found, but is about the search for extra-terrestrial life.

Both scientific research and science reporting are being progressively corrupted by the evolutionist agenda. A headline in the May 2003 edition of the evolutionist magazine Scientific American so clearly shows this. The headline states that "Infinite Earths in Parallel Universes Really Exist". This story is actually just a collection of speculations masquerading as science reporting. What evolutionists are doing in both of these stories is trying to get across the idea that there are numerous planets in the Universe with life possibly evolving on some of them. Whether any planets actually exist outside of our solar system, much less life, is an interesting, though scientifically unanswered, question. Someday scientific investigation may answer this question, but it hasn’t answered it yet.


Walking With Nonsense

Date: June 12, 2003 

About once a year the Church of Evolution has a special evangelistic outreach. This year it is a program on the Discovery Channel called Walking With Cavemen, debuting on June 15. The program claims to present definitive proof of human evolution, but what it really does is recycle old ideas with a few new bits of bone and then, using animation and actors, pretend they are presenting some kind of actual scientific program. But clever animation and actors in makeup do not constitute true science. What is never presented are any true transitions, in-between creatures, between apes and humans. Yes, they will have a few bits of bones they will tell stories about and then show an imaginative animated sequence or bit of acting, but that isn’t science, it’s a religious story.

What evolutionists will not, and cannot, ever answer is how does the new information in organisms, which would be necessary for evolution to be true, arise. Evolutionists loudly proclaim that mutations, mistakes in genetic copying, are the engine of evolution, but all observed mutations consist of either damage to or rearrangement of existing DNA. There is nothing in true science that even hints about how the massive amount of new information needed by evolutionary speculations could have ever have come about. What true science does show is not increasing information and complexity, but rather the degeneration of DNA in creatures. There are approximately 4000 genetic defects in the human race alone and the number of defects is constantly increasing. All true science shows creation deteriorating from a higher level, just as the Bible tells us when it says that God saw what He had created and it was very good, not exactly a description of the world today.


Human cloning - an affront to God and Man

Date: January 04, 2003 

On December 28, 2002 a company called Clonaid announced that it had successfully cloned a human being, a baby girl nicknamed "Eve". Although the company has not provided the data necessary to prove their claim, that someone would successfully clone a human was inevitable.

Biologically the cloned baby is simply an artificially produced identical twin, genetically no different than a naturally occurring identical twin. Artificial means have been used for years in fertility treatments, so there is no reason to believe that this baby will be any different than any other twin, except for the possibility of premature aging which has occurred with other clones. What makes human cloning so repugnant is the same thing that makes abortion, stem cell research and slavery so repugnant; people who do these things are treating human beings as commodities. Things to be produced and disposed of without regard to the God ordained fact that humans are different than animals; we are made in the image of God. That fact has of course been ignored by many for thousands of years. Cloning is simply a new way of abusing other humans.

Cloning in general is a bad idea because it reduces biodiversity, a very dangerous thing to do. It is also the kind of arrogance that God has judged harshly in the past and will undoubtedly judge just as harshly in the future.


The Battle for Academic Freedom in Ohio

Date: April 01, 2002 

Like the many-headed hydra of Greek mythology, challenges to the religion of evolutionism just won't go away. After using lies, ridicule and deceit to reimpose mandatory indoctrination in evolutionism in Kansas, evolutionists are now trying to make certain that there will be no academic free speech on the issue of origins in Ohio. As the Ohio State science standards writing team is poised to recommend a new science curriculum, many members of the team are vigorously pushing to include provisions that would encourage a full exploration of origin issues. Known as Intelligent Design Theory, the idea proposes that the order and complexity that we see in the world around us, design, cannot be explained by blind chance, but is the result of a designer. Michael Behe, a biochemist at Lehigh University, explained the idea behind Intelligent Design Theory by saying, "By its (nature's) intricacy you know it had to be put together by intellect". True to form the adherents of evolutionism are doing all they can to preserve their thought control monopoly over the students of Ohio.

Those who are attempting to bring true academic freedom to the students of Ohio are simply trying to include in the state education standards language that would do no more than encourage students to examine all of the evidence in the origins controversy. Evolutionists are doing all they can to restrict all interpretations of the evidence to that which makes the evolutionists' stories sound plausible. Typical of the totally irrational language of the evolutionists' side of the debate is a quote by David Haury, a professor at Ohio State University "evolution is a much stronger theory than the theory of gravity."

This battle, like those before and those to come, is simply the latest battle in the ongoing war between the true believers in the religion of evolutionism and those seeking to bring true academic freedom to the students of America.


Life's Big Leap? Yes, Downward.

Date: March 28, 2002 

A story titled "Life's Big Leap" on page 13 of the May 2002 issue of Discover magazine is a classic example of wishful thinking run amuck. The article tells how a biologist, William McGinnis, at the University of California at San Diego changed insects from multi-legged to six-legged and claims that this change explains a big leap in the "evolution" of insects. The inanity of this claim is so obvious that only the blind, uncritical faith of evolutionists could see this change as an upward leap in insect development. Even if what McGinnis accomplished after years of research with the best equipment and some very skilled people had actually happened accidentally in nature, a very big and unprovable if, the change is a degradation to the species, not an improvement. The change happened because of a loss of information in the organism, not a gain. McGinnis did what he did by removing a peptide, part of the protein coding for the organism's features, from the creature's genetic information. But molecules-to-man evolution requires a massive increase in information in organisms. What McGinnis actually succeeded in doing was showing how mutational changes are actually the opposite of so-called evolutionary changes. William McGinnis, as with so many other evolutionists before him, has actually provided yet another example of how all true scientific research supports the reality of God's initially perfect Creation and how that Creation has been degrading, not improving, ever since.

This article is a perfect example of how evolutionists twist reality in order to make their evolutionary story sound plausible to evolutionary true believers and the scientifically gullible.


Global Warming Observed! on Mars

Date: December 08, 2001 

In a press release put out by San Diego's Malin Space Science Systems yesterday was an announcement that images from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor show that levels of frozen water and carbon dioxide on Mars' poles have shrunk dramatically, over 10 feet in the last 2 years. Both water vapor and carbon dioxide are greenhouse gasses and their release could accelerate the warming of the atmosphere being observed today.

One of the things that is interesting about this story is that no mention was made as to why Mars is apparently warming up. It would be tough to blame this one on the release of CFC's. What is happening may simply be part of the weather cycle of Mars. The same kind of weather cycle that has caused climactic changes on Earth over the years.

Is the Earth undergoing global warming? No one really knows. Unfortunately this question has become so politicized that many of the real scientific facts involved have been ignored by the decision makers. One extremely important fact too little considered is that the Earth's climate periodically shifts in terms of its temperature and precipitation and this shift has nothing to do with any human activity. Second many of the weather stations that record temperatures are located in or near urban centers which are heat islands causing a distortion in temperature readings.

Global warming scare tactics are an example of how junk science and the use of overly simplistic answers to complex questions can bring about policies that can do more harm than good. What is happening on Mars should cause people on Earth to think twice About this issue, unfortunately it probably won't.


The Church of Evolution's Revival Crusade on PBS

Date: September 29, 2001 

On September 25, 26, 27 & 28 the Church of Evolution held an 8-hour revival crusade on PBS. This evolutionist religious service was called, not surprisingly, Evolution. The program began with a dramatization of Charles Darwin trip around the world on the HMS Beagle from 1831-1836. The program claimed that while on this trip, Darwin "discovered" evolution from his observations of nature, ignoring the fact that every idea Darwin claimed as his own had already been developed by the Greeks thousands of years earlier. The evolutionist preacher did briefly mention that Charles' grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, had written a book called Zoonomia that outlined evolutionary theory before Charles was even born. Darwin possessed only a mediocre intellect and his only real contribution to science was as a naturalist in the identification of new species. His "Theory of Evolution" was nothing new; it was simply plagiarism of other people's work.

The program then goes on to tell a story of how life was supposed to have accidentally arisen from chemicals and then blindly developed into its numerous forms. What was bizarre about this part of the religious service was the repeated use of the phrase "evolution tinkered" with organisms to bring about change. The question the preacher never answered was, how could a mindless, purposeless activity "tinker" with anything? It was obvious to me that the preacher was trying to have it both ways, presenting evolution as the atheistic theory that it is, while at the same time trying to give the impression of some kind purpose and meaning to it all.

Although the program used scientific language and had great animation in supposedly showing "evolution in action", what it failed to give was even the slightest explanation for how the changes actually happened. How do one-celled animals become multi-cellular creatures, how do gills turn into lungs, how do fins turn into feet and hands? These questions were never answered. What this fantasy really is though is simply "somehow science". Somehow everything was just supposed to work out just right, somehow. The section called "The Mind's Big Bang" continued this "somehow science" by asserting that somehow apes brains grew bigger and they became human, somehow. Throughout this televangelistic crusade the preacher treated evolutionary opinions and assertions as fact and their interpretations and assumptions as evidence.

For those with no understanding of what true science and real evidence is or with a need to be acceptable to the evolutionist establishment, this religious broadcast will undoubtedly be seen as a triumph of programming.

The last hour of the program was devoted to the supposed conflict between science and the Bible. It presented a number of people who claimed to be Christian and who also claimed to see no conflict between atheistic Darwinism and the Bible. While it did give a few minutes to Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, it did not have even one of the thousands of Creationist biologists, geologists or physicists who could have shown the scientific evidence in support of Creation and in opposition to evolution.

It finished up with the story of a High School in Indiana where the students were requesting access to all of the scientific information, not just the carefully censored and packaged evolutionist story. The students' request was turned down by the local Board of Education, leaving unchallenged the Church of Evolution as the only official religion of the public school system. This religious broadcast is simply the latest entry in the propaganda and recruitment campaign of the Church of Evolution. It won't be the last.

True science, the actual observation and testing of the natural world, knows nothing of evolution; just as there is not and never has been any conflict between true science and the Bible. The conflict is between the believers in God and His Bible and those who believe in the religion of evolutionism.


SNO nus is really no news at all

Date: August 22, 2001 

In the September 2001 Scientific American is an article titled SNO Nus Is Good News. The article claims that a thirty year old mystery has been solved. The mystery is what is known as the missing solar neutrino problem.

The basic question is, how does the Sun produce its power? In the 19th century it was proposed that the Sun produced its power by gravitational contraction. The theory is that as the Sun contracts, energy is released. The problem for evolutionists with this idea is that it would put a maximum, but not necessarily actual, age for the Solar System at a few million years, not nearly long enough for the evolutionist story. In addition solar measurments over the last century have shown a shrinking Sun. Then with the discovery of nuclear fusion, the force that makes a hydrogen bomb work, the evolutionists thought the problem was solved. It wasn't, it just changed the problem, because the Sun only produces about one third the number of neutrinos (denoted by the Greek letter nu) it should be producing, IF the Sun actually generated its energy by nuclear fusion. The number of neutrinos produced would fit with a shrinking Sun scenario, it doesn't fit at all with the solar nuclear fusion theory.

For thirty years the missing neutrino problem has baffled physicists. The article in Scientific American claims that physicists have solved the problem, but the facts reported in the story itself say something quite different. The physicists were looking for three times as many neutrinos as have been detected. What the physicists actually reported finding was a "small excess of scatterings" of neutrinos. Nothing even close to the 200% additional neutrinos required. This whole story is another example of evolutionists stretching a bit of fact into an outright lie. It's another example of evolutionists' desperation to solve a major problem with their story. The neutrino problem, like other evolutionist problems, has not been solved at all. In future reports on this issue I predict that this so-called discovery will be very quietly retracted as the real facts emerge.


New claims of

Date: March 02, 2001 

Two papers in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claim to have new evidence that there was once life on Mars. The claim is that microscopic magnetite crystals found in a meteorite could only have been formed by living organisms. What this really is though is nothing more than speculation built on assumption. The assumption is that the meteorite, labeled ALH84001, is from Mars, even though there is no proof of any such thing. This claim is based on some mineral similarities between the meteorite and the surface of Mars. The speculation is that the meteorite is billions of years old, even though no proof exists that it is. The story goes that it was blasted off the surface of Mars millions of years ago, even though such a thing has never been shown to even be possible. Then, according to the story, the rock drifted in space for millions of years before landing in Antarctica a few thousand years ago. Other than the evidence that the meteorite fell from space, all the rest of this story is without a shred of any real proof.

The claim about the meteorite containing evidence of past life is equally without any real proof. Although the scientists from NASA claim that the magnetite is evidence of bacteria, this same claim was made 1996. John Bradley of the Georgia Institute of Technology said, "all they (the NASA scientists) do is restate their original hypothesis". A claim that was discredited over four years ago by Bradley, Harvey and Harry McSween of the University of Tennessee who concluded back in 1996 that the magnetite crystals could only have been formed by inorganic (non-living) processes at high temperatures.

The original claim about life on Mars was made in 1996 at a time when NASA's budget was being threatened with cutbacks. The result of the Martian life claim was that NASA's budget ended up being increased. The claims now being made are at the beginning of a new administration in Washington with plans to restructure NASA. While it is certainly true that the NASA scientists would like to convince other scientists and the public of the truth of their story, the timing has more to do with public relations, promoting the religion of evolution and budgets, than with science, because story telling isn't real science.


Welcome back to Oz

Date: February 27, 2001 

The Kansas State Board of Education has reinstated mandatory indoctrination in the religion of evolution in the state curriculum. Two years ago the Board did a very simple and sensible thing. It stopped the mandatory indoctrination of the state's students in evolution. It did not prohibit schools or teachers from teaching evolution and never even considered requiring the teaching of the scientific evidence for Creation. But what they did was enough to cause hysteria in the ranks of the evolutionists. Using their allies in the national media they orchestrated a campaign to both scare and ridicule Kansans about this decision. Conjuring up visions of Kansas's students wandering the streets unable to function, find a job or go to college because of their inability to parrot back evolutionary stories, they were able to scare enough Kansas voters into removing several of those who had voted against mandatory indoctrination.

For now the controversy has passed. The evolutionists have been triumphant in ridding Kansas of the awful prospect of really allowing the students to investigate the issues involved and everyone can now go back to simply regurgitating the evolutionary fairytales that pass for science with evolutionists. But the controversy will return. Thirty years ago something like what happened in Kansas wouldn't have even been contemplated, today there are states that issue warnings and disclaimers about the lack of real evidence for evolution. Today thousands of scientists openly support a belief in Creation. The battle is joined and will not be over, until Christ's return settles it forever.


The Archaeraptor Hoax

Date: June 14, 2000 

In the November, 1999 issue of National Geographic the long awaited proof of the dinosuar to bird connection, a fossil named archaeraptor, a feathered dinosaur, was announced. Using great art work the claimed connection was made to look very believable. All was great until January, 2000 when the news broke that the archaeraptor was a hoax. A faker in China had pinned a reptile's tail onto a fossil bird. National Geographic was so desparate for any kind of evidence of a dinosaur to bird connection they didn't bother to listen to evolutionists who expressed doubts about the validity of the fossil. Evolutionist Storrs Olson, fossil bird expert from the Smithsonian Institute, in an open letter to National Geographic excoriated them for resorting to "sensationalistic, unsubstantiated tabloid journalism. He wrote 'National Geographic is not receiving competent consultation in certain scientific matters. There is not one undisputed example of a dinosaur with feathers. None. The public deserves to know this.'"

National Geographic promoted with great fanfare this "proof" of the dinosaur to bird connection. You can be certain they will not take the same effort in announcing that it was a hoax. This is just the latest in a long series of hoaxes from the brontosaurus, Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man and more that are enthusiastically promoted as "proof" of evolution, then as quickly ignored when shown to be frauds. Evolutionists promote this kind of "junk science" in their desparation to find any kind of evidence for their religion of evolution. The evidence is against them, biological and fossil, so with the use of clever stories and great artwork they seek to convince the public of a lie.


Kansas state school board vote on evolution in the curriculum

Date: August 20, 1999 

On August 12th the Kansas state school board voted to drop the requirement that students in Kansas be tested on aspects of the theory of evolution. This decision does not require the teaching of Creation, but it was still too much for the evolutionists. For the high priests of the religion of evolutionism and their media accolytes frothed at even the slightest chance that their stranglehold on American education might be loosened even a little bit.

One of the recurring mantras of the evolutionists is that evolution is the unifying principle to science. That, of course, is utter nonsense. What does an understanding of a theory of what supposedly happened eons ago have to do with the study of structure and function of the cell, or the stars or plants? Nothing, if every reference to evolution were to be removed from every book, nothing would be lost to true science. The greatest scientists of all time; Newton, Faraday, Pasteur, Carver, von Braun and many others were Creationists, their not believing in evolution didn't stop them from creating modern science.

The real reason for the evolutionist outcry is their fear that the religion of evolutionism may be losing its power. Almost 40 years ago a book was written that started the modern Creationist movement, "The Genesis Flood", by Henry Morris and John Whitcomb. When he wrote it, Henry Morris Phd., a professor of hydraulics, could not get even 10 other scientists to review the book, today there are tens of thousands of scientists from all scientific disciplines who openly proclaim their belief in Creation. Over 2/3 of the American people believe that God created the world and about 1/2 of them believe that it happened less than 10,000 years ago. These facts anger and frighten the evolutionist establishment. Using lies and ridicule, evolutionists will do anything to maintain their power and prestige.

Whatever happens in Kansas or anywhere else, the battle between the pagan religion of evolutionism and faith in the God of the Bible will never end until Christ's coming.



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